A new Elan to be invigorated

We must win and then succeed, because the duty is at least twofold. We’ll not succeed in blurring of the way, empty promises and soft consensus, but got to try boldly facing the tide of time, inventiveness and determination to advance practical solutions. And to generate new élan and confidence of the majority of the people..

In saying so, let us forget the usual memes and buzz words, coz they seem to be so much rancid and ‘déjà vu’.

Let me introduce you to my friends namely, Paul, Dick and Nick. Just lend me your ears for awhile as to how the folks think when they are together.

Paul: Look you said you are hooked on that dame there, so go talk to her.

Dick: I can’t! What do I say all the go?

Nick: Just remember those chat lines I taught you. Trust me they always work!

 Dick: Umm, Hi!

Kitty: Hi!

Dick: Umm, Are your legs hurting?

Kitty: No, why?

Dick: Umm, coz you’ve been busy running thru’ my mind all day.

Kitty: O really!

Dick: Umm, speakin of ‘O’, you know what, someone should arrange the order of alphabets.

Kitty: Let me make the guesswork, they should definitely put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

Dick: Umm, right. Heard that one anyways, have you?

Kitty: Oh say million times.

Dick: Well, you sure know how to do CPR, don’t you?

Kitty: Oh never, what is?

Dick: Umm, coz you are takin my breath away!

Kitty: What a coincidence, you are just takin my patience away.

Dick: Umm!?!

Kitty: Look man this is your last go, so make it good right?

Dick: Okay, Umm, Is Al Gore after you?

Kitty:(sighs): No why?

Dick: Umm, coz you are so hot that you cause global warmin!

Kitty: Right, that’s it. You’ve officially wasted too much of my time. Off you go!

Dick: Okay Ms. I’m really sorry.

Kitty: What, what did you say?

Dick: I said I’m sorry for wastin your time. Life is short, after all chat lines are stupid.

Kitty: Well, why do you use ’em?

Dick: I don’t normally.But you looked so nice and sort of intelligent that I really wanted to talk to you. I’m Dick, by the way.

Kitty: I’m Kitty. And when you don’t start every sentence with ‘Umm’ you ain’t so bad!

Dick: Thanx.

Kitty: No more chat lines and no more ‘Umm’, right?

Dick: I promise.


Nick: So how did it work?

Dick: Well, she’s meetin me later for a coffee.

Nick: What did I tell you? Those CHAT LINES ALWAYS WORK.

[A lesson from above:To woo a girl whom he wants to get acquainted with, an amateur of picking up new girls follows up the advices of his friend who brags to be an expert in seduction. Nothin is previsible.]


How did the tradition of launching every New Year on January 1 begin?

In today’s globalized world, we effectively rely on the Gregorian Calendar to be truly in line with the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. And for those of whom who are compelled to respect the scheduled working hours of the planet to do business, more often than not, it is necessary to be up to date with every hour of time-lag over the 24 hours.

As of now, is that a big ask as to why does the year begin always the January 1? The most common equation behind this fact is linked to the ‘Edit de Roussillon’ under the rule of a king known as Charles IX of France, who on August 09, 1564 declared that January 1 to be the compulsory launching point of each year henceforth, which duly became a law on January 1, 1567.

In other words, the prevailing Julian Calendar so far reformed by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, which was in vigor over the Christian dominated Europe, the new year normally launched at the time of the spring equinox around the end of March and beginning of April each year, that coincided with the allegedly believed resurrection of Jesus Christ or the Easter time, became simply obsolete. Furthermore, toward 1582 a new Calendar called as Gregorian Calendar was promulgated by the Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1582) and the latter effectively replaced the former one.

It so happened that the conservatives wouldn’t let go easily the usage of the Julian Calendar and the reformers were hard pressed to adjust themselves in accordance with the changes in circumstances by means of persuading those bien-pensants to change their points of view about launching the new year at the time of the spring equinox was a serious blind spot. As it was a tradition amid the Christians to eat mostly fish during the Easter week, the pranksters of the kingdom of France were very prompt to hook a caricature of fish on the back of the unfortunate guys, and then all used to shout out and ridicule them calling ‘Poisson d’avril’ or fish of April. In that, the April 1 became the day of farce in the then kingdom of France, which is as yet a deep-rooted custom perpetuated by the denizens of this country every year without fail.

And, when both of them had their own world and it was as great, the then Brit moles in the kingdom of France found out this new French prank of April 1 was a good way to pull pranks, as you might have figured it out for yourself. Which is why, they imported this farce into England by slightly morphing ‘le Poisson d’avril’ into ‘the April’s fools day’.

For one thing, this practice spread from France to England and then to the former British colonies such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand et al. And this tradition snowballed all over the planet. Rightly so!?!


Some hints about the present EU’s economics

Apart from cautious, strategic and circumstantial facts and positions thereupon, it is quite evident that the Europeans have got to confront and cushion the effects as well as the outcomes of the globalization, hence the invasion of low-cost goods coming from all over the world with their effective arm-twisting. The burning question is how could we hobnob with our path in the complexity of all those conundrums that might crop up from the new interrogation of global market economy?

True enough, it is quite a common practice that different member nations have chosen different economic ways and means. Some of them are neoliberal, the others are social-liberal etc. Which one is more appropriate and competitive, it depends upon the temperament of the inhabitants of the country concerned.

Most pointedly, the Anglo-Saxons are more or less inclined to adapt themselves according to the relative application of neoliberal type of economics that have given a satisfactory result in the USA; whereas, the Scandinavians are more inclined to the social-democratic tendencies, as it is practiced in these countries, for many decades. And, the Franco-Germans, Latinos, Slavs and others are more prone to their inclination of social-liberal economics as per alternate governance of different political colors right after the WW II.

Now, confronted with the new challenge of globalization, it appears, for the time being, everybody in the EU is at a loss and groping around to find out the appropriate ins and outs of this kind of brainteaser, resulting in a successful all-purpose victory, though. The verisimilitude of stagnation in economics in the EU can at best forge ahead to negotiate the future dispositions for the better.

To some extent, the liberal economist Friedrich Hayek (1889-1992) was the precursor to have  championed the theory relevant to the economic cycle dependent of the household savings, promoted previously by Adam Smith (1723-1790), the founder of classical liberalism, who developed that the research of individual profit conditions the collective enrichment. Now, hedge funds, private pension funds, as well as the trade hackers and stockbrokers make the world economics run.

As a matter of fact, Montesquieu’s greatest asset in liberalism is based on the requirement of equilibrium of social forces of which no one ought to be sacrificed. Another renowned economist John Keynes (1883-1946) was, no doubt, inspired by his predecessor as his liberal theories mention the states not as obstacles but as watchdogs that intervene in the better regulation of the city economics by protecting the investments as well as the administrative ramifications.




The new Ayatollahs of Nepal

It makes me reminiscent of what the late Martin Luther King (Jr.) had once quipped about leadership: “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.”

You could have gone absolutely bonkers if you had paid heed to the nauseating fighting of all those so-called politicos for their fair or nasty shares by entering the political fray of today’s Nepal. The best thing these politicos have going for them is their lack of decision-making as well as their failure to mete out justice to whom who tremendously suffered thanks to a few lawless bunch of indoctrinated hillbillies.

Fair enough, these aforementioned hoodlums were actually the marionettes of some tainted politicos of the Maoist brand as well as the other commies of different obedience, dogmas and insidious contempt thereof for each other. Furthermore, they excruciatingly accentuated their bequeathed, deep-rooted as well as paranoiac odds of always ducking aside their personal responsibilities, thereby always postponing the burning issues for tomorrow, as if they were glued to the worn-out free-falling leaves!

However, you have got to launch firstly by straightforward #breaking bad (raising hell) on the entrenched political shenanigans of today’s Nepalese political gridlock. More precisely, somewhat like a mafia organization or a ‘gang of four’ of the so-called ‘Ayatollahs of Nepal’ (pun intended) consisting of the allegedly upper-class caste of priests.

What’s more, instead of reciting their bhajans and kirtans (prayers) like all other oldies do in temples like Pashupatinath et al (given their advanced age), they are out-and-out weaving the spin of wheeling and dealing and horse-trading as the narcissistic politicians (we have the downright illustrations by now that they dismally failed the populace of this country as policy makers and politicians alike), exactly like their myopic Iranian counterparts, whom were picked up from the lot of ‘fous de dieux’ and zealot mullahs of the medieval rural as well as urban Iran.

Eventually, I have a question that I’m wondering as to when shall we effectively see the endgame of constitution drafting, thereafter, Nepal’s urgent, prevalent and inclusive socioeconomic ills shall be addressed asap by those aforesaid drab and ineffective politicians?

It is possible, even likely, that the folks would grab this opportunity to reconcile themselves to the future prospects of the country, which is long overdue in that every snippet from the overall indifference to the sufferings of our youth in the scorching heat of the Middle East, a new conscientiousness would for sure sprout up everywhere, if you will.

 Last but not least, we expected no telling miracle on the part of NC, but even so we are really deceived by their foot-dragging at decision-making as yet!?!